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What is FreyHacks?

FreyHacks, named after the Norse God of Summer, is a summer hackathon designed to introduce students from diverse backgrounds to the hackathon culture. FreyHacks is for students of all skill levels, and strives to create an inclusive, collaborative and empowering environment for novices and experienced developers alike. FreyHacks will provide our hackers with a plethora of resources and tools, to help them develop their ideas. Join us this summer, from anywhere around the world, for an experience packed with learning, building and sharing to win some really cool prizes! Whether you are a hackathon veteran, or are just starting out, we've got your back!

Is there a theme?

FreyHacks has a broad theme - build any hack that is related to the summer season - whether it's something related to surfing, barbeques by the pool, ice cream, road trips or anything that you like about the summer! We will also have challenge prize categories related to the theme run by Freyhacks and our sponsors, which address deeply impactful problems by building creative and unique solutions to some global and technological challenges we identified that have amazing potential for innovation. PS: you don't need your sunscreen since FreyHacks is a virtual hackathon.

Interested in sponsoring us?

If you are a company interested in sponsoring our event, send us an e-mail at and we can get you connected with one of our sponsorship team members.

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